St. Brendan The Navigator of Fenit

Year: 2010

  • Further information on the 6th Century

    The years 491 to 615 saw the most remarkable men, women and events that ever Ireland produced. We begin with the most likely date of Patrick’s death and we end with the death of Columbanus in Bobbio in Italy in 615. That 124 years saw the life and death of all those labeled ‘the second…

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  • Further information on St Brendan

    Two Irishmen are named for their achievements, Daniel O Connell, the Liberator and Saint Brendan of Fenit, the Navigator. We are justly proud of them, Kerrymen both. A local Fenit committee has received planning permission to erect a statue in honour of Saint Brendan in his birthplace. As we move into the third millennium, it…

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  • Latest news on the Brendan Project June 2007

    The Monument to Saint Brendan The Navigator was unveiled on Sunday September 19th 2004. by Bishop Bill Murphy, Bishop of Kerry and successor of St. Brendan. The statue is a magnificent piece of sculpture, a credit to the sculptor, Tighe O Donoghue, and to Cast Ltd., the founders. Credit also to Tom and Eugene Farrelly,…

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