St. Brendan The Navigator of Fenit

Year: 2012

  • Saint Brendan 2012 Activities

    In 2012 we will commemorate Saint Brendan by holding a number of activities during the year. Saturday 12th May 2012 3pm – 6pm Ceremony at statue, Fenit Storytelling Face painting Parish Hall tea & music Sunday 13th May 2012 10:15 am – Walk on Brendan Way, leaving from Fenit church to Tobar na Molt Saturday 16th June 2012 2.30pm – Mass at Oilean tSeanaigh

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  • Children’s drawings of Saint Brendan

    Various drawings by children about Saint Brendan

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  • Christy Moore – St.Brendan’s Voyage

    St. Brendan’s Voyage performed by Irish Singer/Songwriter Christy Moore

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  • Brendan’s Fair Isle – tribute song

    Tribute song for Saint Brendan, Brendan’s Fair Isle performed by D’Arcy Broderick

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  • The Case for Recognition of Fenit as a World Heritage Site

    Fenit, has had a powerful influence on the development of European and World culture and civilization.  Western Europe had developed under the influence of Greek and Roman philosophy, science and political and military organization for the thousand years before 400 AD. Barbarian forces, Celts, Huns, Vandals, Goths and Visigoths in their migration westward put increasing pressure on the borders of the Roman Empire. Finally, in 400 AD the Goths crossed the Rhine and in 410 AD sacked Rome itself.  In 406AD Rome recalled its soldiers from Britain giving free rein to the Picts, Angles and Saxons to plunder the remnants

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