St. Brendan The Navigator of Fenit

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  • Ken O’Sullivan: St Brendan and the magic of Fenit Co.Kerry

    Ken O’Sullivan: St Brendan and the magic of Fenit Co.Kerry

    Fenit Without speak to Irish ocean cinematographer Ken O’Sullivan about his latest wildlife documentary North Atlantic, the references made to Saint Brendan the Navigator and the magical traditions that surround the Irish coastal village of Fenit, County Kerry. Ken’s family can be traced back to Fenit Island for centuries and he recalls how the legends of St Brendan were with him growing up on the Wild Atlantic Way.

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  • St. Brendan Sign Launch

    St. Brendan Sign Launch

    A new information sign in English & Irish was officially launched on the 2nd March 2023. It is permanently located beside to the Playground in Fenit, Co. Kerry.

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  • Brendan for today – Feast Day, May 16th

    As Kerry prepares to celebrate the Gathering of Kerry people to honour Saint Brendan the Navigator on the week of his Feast Day May 16th, it seems proper to say a little about him. Latterly, Saint Brendan the Navigator is beginning to receive the kind of recognition he deserves. For too long Brendan was dismissed as a rather mythical figure, a monk who spent years at sea searching for the ‘Promised Land’, meeting gryphons, a 100 foot tall mermaid, a whale that allowed its back to be used as a platform for the celebration of Mass, islands full of monks

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  • St. Brendan International Conference – May 2013

    17th & 18th May, 2013 Part of The Gathering, this International conference focusing on the legacy of St. Brendan the Navigator (484-577 AD), Patron of Kerry and Clonfert Diocese, renowned seafarer, monk, scholar and founder of monasteries. Part of the St. Brendan Week Celebrations centering on Ardfert, Fenit, Dingle and Tralee, May 14 – 18 2013 Speakers include  Professor Joseph Nagy, UCLA, Dr. Jonathan Wooding, University of Wales, Professor JeanMichel Picard, UCD, Dr. Diarmuid Scully, UCC, Professor Pádraig O’Riain and Professors Donnchadh O’Corráin and John Sheehan. This conference will appeal to all Brendan Scholars especially those of Irish descent.

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  • Activities for 2013

    Activities are planned in conjunction with The Gathering. Saint Brendan International Conference – 17th & 18th May 2013 Other activities when finalised will be posted her

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  • New St. Brendan Voyage window at Fenit Church

    A new St.Brendan Voyage window at Fenit Church, Tralee, Co.Kerry in Ireland was installed in November 2012. The window, which is over the main door was created by Artist/Sculptor Tighe O’Donoghue\Ross who also created the statue on Fenit pier. Click the sound file below (orange button) to hear the commentary & explanation of the different elements by the artist.

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  • Europe and the Irish Monks by Enzo Farinella

    We knew that the Celts founded the first Europe, but very few are aware that Irish monks had a very important role in Medieval Europe, which they transformed culturally and spiritually. Britain, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, America… are in many ways linked to them. Bobbio, Fiesole, Lucca, Taranto, Lumièges, Auxerre, Laon, Luxeuil, Liège, Trier, Wurzburg,  Regensburg, Rheinau, Reichenau, Salzburg, Vienna, St. Gallen… are all European towns founded by, or linked to, Irish monks Many dioceses in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Italy have an Irish Saint as their Patron. So we find in the

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  • Saint Brendan 2012 Activities

    In 2012 we will commemorate Saint Brendan by holding a number of activities during the year. Saturday 12th May 2012 3pm – 6pm Ceremony at statue, Fenit Storytelling Face painting Parish Hall tea & music Sunday 13th May 2012 10:15 am – Walk on Brendan Way, leaving from Fenit church to Tobar na Molt Saturday 16th June 2012 2.30pm – Mass at Oilean tSeanaigh

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  • Children’s drawings of Saint Brendan

    Various drawings by children about Saint Brendan

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  • Christy Moore – St.Brendan’s Voyage

    St. Brendan’s Voyage performed by Irish Singer/Songwriter Christy Moore

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